Dark Matter: The Austere Box

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Invisible space between galaxies, filled with 5 times more matter than we can detect. In clusters this matter revolves and rotates like a merry-go-round.

Unseen and unfamiliar, yet still very much there, dark matter permeates all the spaces in between.

One of the great mysteries of science that prove you can believe what you can’t see.

 Dark Matter.


Our collection is inspired by the luminous galaxies. Gorgeous yellow greens and celestial lilacs decorate this month’s collection borrowing the idea of being the star in someone’s blank sky.



Welcome To The Club.


May’s Austere Box Contains:

Roswell: A warm purple matte shadow. (Permanent)

Dark Energy: A Blackberry matte shadow.  (Exclusive)

Abell 520: A sparkling lime green shadow (sparkles are eyesafe and FDA compliant) (Exclusive)

Stardust: A frosted brilac matte lipstick (Exclusive)


• This month’s accessory is a pair of celestial earrings in blue and gold toned metal (assorted)


*** Colors may vary slightly from pictures shown depending on color settings on your screen as well as some vibrancy being lost during photography.


For a full list of ingredients, please refer to our full size permanent products.


WARNING: Discontinue use if irritation develops. External use only.