The Collective Cosmetics UK FAQ's


  1. When should I expect my order?

Our business runs Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm UK time. Please allow up to 7-14 business days for us to physically prepare your order -  excludes public holidays. (This is dependant on other orders that need fulfilled as we make our products in the order we receive them, larger orders will take longer to make) If your order is placed on a holiday please allow additional time to prepare your products. After payment clearance, you should expect your order to arrive according to the guidelines of what shipping service you select. There are various modes and í methods to choose from during checkout. Our price based and sale event free shipping should get to you within 5 days after production time and payment clearance if you are in the UK, slightly longer depending on customs and other factors for international orders.


  1. Where do you ship?

We ship to almost every country in the world. If you do not see your country in the drop down menu, please contact us at sales@collectivecosmeticsuk.com and we will add it.

All USA orders to placed from www.thecollectivecosmetics.com and the rest of the world please us www.thecollectivecosmeticsuk.com


  1. How long does it take to ship to me?

In the United Kingdom it should take 7-14 business days once we’ve prepared your cosmetics and your payment has cleared, we ship Monday through Friday excluding holidays according to your shipping selection. Shipping to other parts of the world may vary depending on your carrier and location. At checkout there will be various estimated times of arrival depending on which shipping options you select. Please bare in mind, if you opt for free shipping, you will have your order shipped via the least expensive method, unless you choose to pay for upgraded or expedited shipping available in the drop down menu at checkout. FREE SHIPPING IS NOT TRACKED: we can provide you with proof of postage but do not take responsibly for the package once it is handed to the postal service. 


  1. Where is my order coming from?

We ship globally (excluding the USA) from England, UK. USA orders should be ordered from www.thecollectivecosmetics.com


  1. Is there free shipping?

We extend free shipping worldwide when you make a fixed minimum purchase amount of £100. Otherwise, shipping is either calculated by weight or at a flat rate depending on which shipping service you select. Domestic (UK) shipping free on all orders over £30. 


  1. Who/How do I get in touch with someone about questions pertaining to my order?

Joseph-William runs the international business shipping globally, Sarah runs the USA business handling only the American territories. Depending on where you are located in the world please use the ‘Contact Us’ page on website you ordered. All orders outside of USA email Joe@TheCollectiveCosmeticsUK.Com or Sales@TheCollectiveCosmeticsUK.Com




  1. What are those little white/ multicolored speckles in some of my eyeshadows?

We refrain from using harmful fillers that traditional mainstream cosmetics use in their formulas. Because of this, we have concocted specific binding materials free of animal products and unsafe chemicals. Since our eyeshadows are hand pressed and hand blended, you may see some remnants of the specific powders we use to bind our powder cosmetics together. These DO NOT affect the quality or performance of your product and will have no effect on the pigmentation, feel or payoff whatsoever. They merely show up in the product sometimes because they are there doing what they’re supposed to do- adhering the formula together.


  1. My eyeshadows don’t swatch well on my arms. Why?

We create makeup for the face, not the forearms. If you are looking for beautiful arm swatches, our experience both as makeup artists and now as makeup makers has shown us that those sort of eyeshadows blend away to nothing, because they are too slick to adhere to a surface, and furthermore they can’t be blended with other colours because they will turn muddy. That’s not us. Our eyeshadows are formulated without cheap, harmful fillers that provide the slick adhesive quality you may see in other mainstream products when they are swatched. We do not saturate our cosmetics in copious amounts of silicones and oils. We place priority on longevity of wear and performance both in front of and behind the camera. Because of this, our eyeshadows deliver supreme payoff and pigmentation but only work well on the eyelid area, where they’re meant to be. While we can’t promise you’ll be wowed by an arm swatch-we are pretty certain you’ll be wowed by the magnificent payoff, long wear without the need for primer, and blendability once the product is on your eyelids.


  1. My shadows look and feel different from other shadows I’ve used in the past. Why is that?

Our shadows are hand made, and soft pressed, so we do not have any industrial equipment or mass production lines for our products. Each and every eyeshadow is literally made by us, by hand. Our shadows are hand packed and hand pressed so they will be a bit softer than mainstream cosmetics. They are also free of unsafe chemical binders so they will feel a bit different as well. This was important to us, and we chose to go with safe, cruelty free ingredients that deliver excellent wear, payoff and blendability rather than compensate with cheap, common ingredients for texture. Our products are softer, and are usually at least 90% raw pigment and mica if not 95%. We suggest you treat your The Collective Cosmetics products with care, by tapping a brush in the pan gently, rather than being aggressive with them because they are made with delicacy, attention to detail and a human touch.


  1. A film has developed on top of my eyeshadow. What is this?

Sometimes, when we stick our fingers in powder cosmetics our when we make contact between the cosmetics, brushes, and the oils present in our skin, a film will develop on top of the product. This is your oils solidified on top. Since we abstain from using talc to absorb it, it will collect on the surface. This does not ruin the product. Simply apply a piece of scotch tape to the surface of the cosmetic and remove the film, or scrape it off gently with a fingernail or business card. 


  1. Are you vegan?

We are 100% vegan and are certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and are searchable under their database. We are part of their Beauty Without Bunnies program.


  1. Are you cruelty free?

We are 100% cruelty free and are certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and are searchable under their database. We are part of their Beauty Without Bunnies program.




  1. I want to carry your products in my store. How do we facilitate this?

We offer some wholesale items in the menu on our shop. If there's something you want and don't see, Contact us at sales@collectivecosmeticsuk.com and we will get back to you with wholesale rates for that product. We are shelf ready and beautifully packaged. We welcome all inquiries about wholesale/store sales.


  1. I want to purchase your products as bridesmaid gifts/wedding favors. Can I do that?

Yes! We would love to be a part of the big day! Contact us at sales@collectivecosmeticsuk.com and we will get back to you with discounted prices for our items. 



  1. How do I become an affiliate or can I receive products for review?

We are current not accepting any additional affiliates at this time, please check back when the programme is open again.
To qualify you must have a strong Instagram and/or YouTube/Tik-Tok social media presence with quality organic engagement and you must love makeup! We adore crisp, high resolution pictures/videos and have no preference in makeup genre. Bloggers with a long standing, high traffic pages preferable but not mandatory. Affiliates receive a discount code for themselves and their following and are required to post/blog/vlog about our products 4 times a month. Affiliates also receive a 10% commission on all sales generated using their unique code. Affiliates can expect to receive promotional products free of charge. If you would like to be part of The Collective, get in touch! 




  1. Do you plan to release other kinds of cosmetics?

That’s a great question and something we really want to do; but it all depends on how successful our brand is. We hope to incorporate more cosmetics to our repertoire soon, but it all depends on our profits and losses at this time.


  1. Your products seem expensive for just makeup...

We disagree, however, the term "expensive" means different things to different people. Each shadow is meticulously formulated with high end FDA approved pigments and mineral ingredients ONLY. We have never and will never market trendy, cheap, neon crafting pigments off as eye-safe when we know they aren't. We will never try to sell multi chrome powders that were intended for use in nail polish or car paint as "makeup". We use appropriate and approved products only which are effectively labeled as such and adhere to strict guidelines set forth by the FDA- regardless of what country we ship our products to.

We have kept unfavourable fillers out of our formulas. Because of this we have to add more quality ingredients to compensate for texture and pay off, and that raises cost.  Our products are mostly pure pigment with very little add in's and we have to be all the more creative to commit to vegan and cruelty free colours that, for the most part, are extremely limited in this industry. Reds for example, typically are made with carmine which is not vegan. Think about pinks and purples.. the most gorgeous ones contain carmine red. We have to be extra crafty to create shades while remaining vegan. That takes intellect, practice, waste and so much trial and error you can not imagine...

We also check and cross check our ingredient suppliers and pay higher costs to meet FDA regulations and ethical sources for our brand. We are not mass produced and our ingredients are not bought en masse. We are against cheap, unethical foreign labor in violation of human rights. We are against child labor and animal testing. We will pay more to be assured our work is ethical. That cost is reflected in our price.

Our products are packaged beautifully in custom made encasements that we have designed ourselves. Many hand made brands do not offer packaging but we want our customers to feel proud to display and carry our products. Since we are small and can't meet production minimums, the cost of ordering custom casings is exorbitant. 

Taking the cost of production from start to finish into account, we see all of our makeup as extremely cost effective for what it is. We offer the best prices we can and collect very little profit on return. We ARE makeup artists and this is our passion. We think our beautifully packaged products-being artisan, high end, quality, non-toxic formulas that utilize quality ingredients and are handmade by professionals are extremely affordable. You truly will get what you pay for.




  1. Do you accept returns?

At this time we do not accept returns. We are a very small handmade indie brand and do not have the resources to make up for the loss. Each product is hand made to order for the customer and our products are not only custom made, they are time consuming and expensive to produce. They are made one at a time by one person. We can not accept returns because of the customised nature of our products. Please review the ingredients list prior to purchasing to make sure you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients. While we would love to offer a return policy we are just not able to at this time - thus, all sales are final.


2.What if my item is confirmed delivered but is either stolen/delivered to the wrong address/missing?

We offer several different shipping options at the customer's discretion so unfortunately we will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or undelivered mail unless you opt to pay for priority tracked and signed shipping. If you think your local postal carrier is untrustworthy or that an item may be stolen from your mailbox please opt for priority shipping. Your mail is 100% insured with those shipping options so if any mishap occurs in that case we will definitely replace your item. We are not responsible for customs issues abroad.


3.What if my product arrives broken? 

Simply send us a picture of the damaged item within 24 hours of receiving it. Please also include your name and order number so we can verify proof of purchase. We will ship you a new item as soon as we receive your email.

Items without proof of purchase or those that have been used are not eligible for exchange. Our exchange policy extends only to items damaged via mail carrier.  Exchanges are reviewed on a case by case basis. Exceptions apply


**Refusal Of Sale

The Collective Cosmetics reserves the right to refuse sales of our cosmetics solely at our discretion for any reason we see fit. Refusal of sale will result in an immediate refund as well as the refusal of future purchases.