About Us

We are an indie makeup company started by two friends who met through their artistry on social media. Our love and passion for creativity and makeup led to us doing it ourselves. We specialize in unique, thought provoking cosmetics by makeup artists for makeup lovers. Our soft pressed, handmade eyeshadows and highlighters as well as all of our products are vegan, PETA certified cruelty free and shipped from Liverpool, England, UK. 

Joseph-William (everyone just calls me Joe) is a masterful body painter who has several accreditation’s in drama, theatrical performance and the fine arts. His talents extend not only to makeup but to choreography and photo/video editing. He has a special aptitude in color theory and pays particular attention to the element of shade and light. His Instagram handle is @josephwilliamrobinsonhale (give us a wee follow for the crack) and he is currently based in Liverpool, U.K. 

Sarah is a professional makeup artist with a career spanning over 2 decades in New York City. She is a certified cosmetologist, and has lent her talents to several mainstream and niche high end beauty brands. Her expertise has dressed the faces of both high profile celebrities, models, prominent drag queens  and the makeup curious alike. Among her specializations, she has worked with primary focus on avant garde artistry, theatrical makeup and drag. Her Instagram handle is @beautanica and she is currently based in New Jersey, USA.

We started this brand because we felt a desire to create custom shades and colors that would satiate a makeup zealot’s appetite. We feel we offer products and shades that are ideal for the professional as well as the occasional makeup wearer.

As makeup artists, we are passionate about creating and processing the world around us through a myriad of philosophical viewpoints and a collective consciousness. We not only abstain from the exploitation and inhumane practice of animal testing but also seek to protect and honor the humans who indulge in our products with quality, safe, mineral and FDA approved ingredients. We value and honor all existence and are cognizant of the special bond we all collectively share with each other and the world.

Besides our makeup, our art and use of expression aims to provide thought provoking, alternative makeup to inspire critical thinking and examine a plethora of different ideas and theories. We would hope that our cosmetics inspire others to create and express themselves on a deeper level while respecting the existence of ourselves and our relationship to every living being involved in this collective journey we call life. We are one, we are all, we are the collective.

The artists behind The Collective Cosmetics share a common lust for art, for life and for varying degrees of collective consciousness and unexplained phenomena. We hope our products will lead you to exploration and creativity and our wish is that our products bring you as much curiosity and joy as they did for us while we created them.


We are one, We are all, We are The Collective 


Watch us here is you want to get to know us on a more personal level: 

Get To Know Us| The Collective Cosmetics 


⁃ Sarah & Joseph-William